Wrapped in bandages 19-year-old Stuart Hutchison had undergone laser-guided surgery to remove a brain tumour after the doctors had failed twice to spot the dangerous tumors.


The young patient confesses being disappointed with his doctors, characterizing the situation as “shocking”.

When he first fell back in May 2011, the doctors at Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre in Alloa blamed his headaches and dizziness on an ear infection.

However, Stuart’s condition was quickly deteriorating and soon he was barely able to walk, slurred speech and could not use his right arm.Image

The patient’s parents rushed the boy, who could die that very day, to the hospital where a scan revealed a huge brain tumour.

He survived after 2 surgeries and 33 radiotherapy sessions and was recovering.

But in January he discovered a fresh tumour near his brain surgery scar, which an A&E doctor at Forth Valley Royal Hospital said was ‘just a cyst’.

The family, recalling their bad experience, turned to another doctor for a second opinion. It turned out that the bou had one more “missed” tumor, which was removed last week.
READ MORE:  http://news.naij.com/61403.html

READ MORE:  http://news.naij.com/61403.html


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