Comedian IGODYE [@IgodyeOfficial] Almost Complete His Multimilliondollars Royal Castle

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IGODYE story will definitely impact you, because we all know where his is coming from, His determination and passion in the entertainment industry, from His class to class room that he used to entertain his fellow students, also from street to street of every corner of Warri Delta State. But today is another story, he has travel from country to county to entertain Presidents and Governors.
What most people think will not be possible IGODYE has made people to know that through comedy one can succeed, pay his or her bills even live the life with fullest.  No wonder many comedians has join this profession  through this inspiration
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Well, it might interest you to know that IGODYE  has enter the finishing stage of his New castle, the new mansion is a “French Luxury  Chateaux des Reves Design”,  the luxury mansion is an  edifice that expresses a blend of exquisite and Royalty…
In an Exclusive Interview With Vanguard Newspaper here
will you say you are a fulfilled person?
Life is not quantified by one’s success alone. The situation in your immediate environment also shows how you are faring . In terms of personal aspiration, I would say no, because most of my desires to live in a society devoid of certain factors hampering proper  standard way of living are not present in the lives of those living around us. Majority of people in our midst still live below poverty level. So, how can I be fulfilled?.
I feel u my brother may God give u the  strength to complete it, congrats
God dey with you bro

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