HORRIBLE: See What Lace Wigs Did To This Actress

In a bid to look their best, women tend to resort to all sorts of hair extensions and wigs these days. While these may bring amazing results, you might want to rethink some of them.

Hollywood actress, Countess Vaughn has come out to share her ordeal on the horrible side effects her front lace wigs have made her go through.

The Parkers and Moesha actress is giving wig lovers something to think about after she visited the CBS show ‘The Doctors’ to talk about her horrifying experience of wearing lace fronts.

For years, while pursuing acting jobs in entertainment, Countess has worn lace fronts over her real hair, but those wigs eventually became a nightmare for her. First, she started noticing puss oozing out of her ears and then even worse, the skin around her hairline and under her eyes started to fade.

Years later, Countess has to deal with self-esteem issues that stem from her baldness and so much skin discoloration that she has to cover it with makeup and people think she has vitiligo. She revealed on the show:

It’s crazy how one day everything’s fine and then the simplest things can mess up your life. Working in the industry for so long, I’ve always had different looks, so I’m used to wearing wigs. In about 2004, my hairstylist introduced me to front lace wigs and I fell in love with them immediately. You have a full hairline. I was wearing it 24/7. Five years later the drama came in. The red flag was the oozing from my ears, from my forehead…the whole nape around my head. The puss. It had a horrible smell. It was painful. I let this go by for six months. What I didn’t realize was, I had a bad reaction to the glue that I used to apply the wig. My hair started falling out.

I didn’t want to make the connection with that. I was just like, ‘Come on. A wig? A wig can make you sick? No way.’ I went to a dermatologist but he didn’t let me know long term there would be any problems. Now I just have discoloration. People assume, you know, do you have vitiligo? Anywhere where you would apply the wig and put tape on, I’m lighter in those areas and I use makeup to cover it up. The skin under my eyes peeled because of the glue. The skin came off my ears. With eyeliner I’m literally drawing in my hair line.

Because of the hair situation, I was embarrassed. It was just, you have to be at home and be bald. I had to go through this in order to teach my little one that you gotta love yourself before anybody else will.

*starts crying* I just want to look natural.

She also reveals that each time you remove the wig, the glue is constantly taking off a layer of your skin. Ouch


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