Madonna Caught Stealing Emilia Clarke’s Hair Style

We don’t recall Madonna ever copying anyone’s style. What’s so special about this one?


Madonna dons Emilia Clarke’s Game of Thrones Hairdo to Purim


Madonna rocked Emilia Clarke’s hair for Purim …Jewish Holiday

(Splash News)


Madonna is best known for inventing her own style …and music; but recently the pop queen got the ‘b**ch stole my look’ tag when she was spotted in Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke‘s blonde semi-braids hairdo and her dragons. Did she rock it? Yes she did but she got inspired by a younger actress in Europe!

As for Emilia Clarke, she was totally thrilled that her Game of Thrones character –Khaleesi – was the inspiration for the Diva’s costume for Purim – whatever that is, we just know its another name for the Jewish Holiday! So Madonna rocked her Game of Thrones style for the Jews!

Emilia however said, “Madonna ripped off my Got style but it’s cool.”

So, who do you think rocked it best?


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