Provide security for us, Mile 2 residents, workers send SOS to govt

Lagos—Residents and people working around Mile 2 area of Lagos State, have called on the Lagos State Government and the state Police Commissioner, to provide adequate security for the area.

In the last two weeks, many motorists and passers-by on the route between Berger-Yard and Mile 2, have been attacked and robbed by a gang, which specialises in vandalising cars of unsuspecting motorists before dispossessing them of their valuables, while pedestrians are also not spared.

One of the latest victims, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, blamed the state government and Police for not doing anything about the situation, despite several complaints by people, who were either robbed or have their vehicles damaged by the hoodlums during such attacks between Mile 2 and Berger-Yard on the Oshodi-Apapa expressway.

* Manko

* Manko

Narrating his ordeal, one of the victims, said “Around 10.30p.m., Monday night, I was heading to Apapa to see some friends. On getting to Mile 2, I had to do a de-tour to Orile Road, because there was serious traffic caused by the infamous tanker drivers, so I decided to take Berger-Yard Road to make a turn on the bridge in-between Forte Oil station at Berger Yard and under the bridge at Berger. From nowhere, eight boys accosted me and one of them smashed the right front door glass, as if that was not enough, another boy by my side, the driver’s side, hit the window with an iron and before I knew it, another boy joined him to drag the steering with me.

“I was terribly alarmed and had to quickly manouver among the trucks and other cars in the hold-up and eventually escaped. While trying to get out of the traffic, the boys caused more damage on my car. The Toyota Camry was badly damaged by the boys.

“When they realised I had escaped, they descended on other cars in the hold-up, robbing them of their valuables, while some others left their cars and ran away for the fear of being attacked. I witnessed the robbing from the top of the Kirikiri Bridge, as if you are driving to Wilmer. You can imagine how dangerous it has become to drive within that axis now,” he added.
Similarly, three staff of Vanguard Newspapers were attacked the previous week within the same area, in between Forte Oil atation and Auto Wharf around 8.30p.m.

They were beaten and dispossessed of their valuables, while one was hit with the butt of a gun and had to be rushed to a hospital.

Narrating his ordeal, one of them said “Four armed youths appeared from behind tankers on the expressway and ordered us to stop, else we will be shot. At first, we thought it was a joke until one of them, who appeared to be the leader attempted to pull the trigger of the gun.

“One of them placed his gun on my back, while their leader threatened to shot me. At that point, I knew there was no way of escaping. One of them hit me on the head with butt of his gun. I bled profusely and was later taken to a hospital. The robbers stripped me of everything valuable on me. My right hand and rib were badly wounded,” he added.



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