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UN approves sanctions on Boko Haram as search for Nigerian girls continues


ImageS. Ambassador Samantha Power welcomed the council’s action, calling it “an important step in support of the government of Nigeria’s efforts to defeat Boko Haram and hold its murderous leadership accountable for atrocities.”

Nigeria, which is serving a two-year term on the council, asked the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against al-Qaida to add Boko Haram to the list of al-Qaida-linked organizations subject to an arms embargo and asset freeze.

None of the 14 other council members objected.

Australia’s U.N. Ambassador Gary Quinlan, who chairs the al-Qaida sanctions committee, told reporters that Boko Haram is now on the sanctions list under the name Jama’atu Ahlus-Sunna Lidda’Awati Wal Jihad, with Boko Haram as an alias.

Nigeria’s U.N. Ambassador U. Joy Ogwu said Wednesday that “the important thing is to attack the problem, and that is terrorism.”

Boko Haram’s five-year-old Islamic uprising has claimed the lives of thousands of Muslims and Christians, including more than 1,500 people killed in attacks this year.

The group, whose name means “Western education is forbidden,” has tried to root out Western influence by targeting schools, churches, mosques, government buildings and security forces. The homegrown terrorist group was largely contained to the northern part of Nigeria before expanding its reach with the help of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, the terrorist network’s affiliate in West Africa.

Jonathan only reluctantly accepted outside help after years of insisting that Boko Haram was a local problem. According to the U.N. sanctions committee, Boko Haram is responsible for attacks and kidnappings in Nigeria and Cameroon and has been active in Chad and Niger.


In Nigeria, scores of protesters chanting “Bring Back Our Girls” marched to the presidential villa in the capital, Abuja, to demand more action to find and free the girls. President Goodluck Jonathan did not meet with them, leaving a proxy to deliver a lecture that further angered the demonstrators.

“Another small window for Jonathan and he refuses to use it!” one protester yelled. “What a stupid move!”

The protesters complained of the insensitivity of Jonathan, who did not even meet parents of some of the abducted children when they went to Nigeria’s capital earlier this month.

Many schools across the country also closed Thursday to protest the abductions, the government’s failure to rescue them and the killings of scores of teachers by Islamic extremists in recent years.

In Abuja, the protesters sang, “All we are saying is bring back our girls,” to the tune of John Lennon’s iconic “Give Peace a Chance.”

Junior minister Olajumoke Akinjide read a message from the president urging Nigerians to unite and stop criticizing the government. It was “wrong and most unfair,” she said, to suggest the government reacted slowly, adding that the president meets daily with security chiefs.

Murmurs of disagreement rose as she declared: “The people of Afghanistan do not blame the government, they blame the terrorists.”

Nigerians, she said, should instead be “encouraged to supply useful information to the security services.”

That inflamed the crowd, which said residents of Chibok did exactly that, but the military failed to respond to warnings.

In Maiduguri, the northeastern city that is the birthplace of Boko Haram, protesting teachers said they could no longer “tolerate government insensitivity to the plight of the girls and the education sector.”

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Dr Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi Shows Images Of Alleged Genocide In Borno

Popular Muslim cleric, Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi this morning shared some very disturbing images on his Facebook page.

Armed Men committing genocide in Borno state

These photos show Armed Men committing genocide in Borno state.

It showed over 20 young men lined up looking extremely malnourished as a mass grave was dug for them.

Then the next image shows the dead corpses being transferred to the grave. The author of the post gave no reference on where these photos have been acquired from and Naij.com cannot ascertain the authenticity of these pictures also.

Dr Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi in his post asked the international community to make sure this crime is investigated and search for more mass graves.

Armed Men committing genocide in Borno state


Armed Men committing genocide in Borno stateArmed Men committing genocide in Borno stateArmed Men committing genocide in Borno state

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Boko Haram Attack Passengers Along Benue-Abuja Road

Boko Haram Attack Passengers Along Benue-Abuja Road


According to the report reaching us now,  there is an attack by the Boko Haram along Benue-Abuja route presently which have resulted to the lost of lives and injuries..

I will implore you to advice anyone traveling by land to Abuja to suspend or stop the journey instantly.

More details soon

Borno Government Officials And Principal Say Military Lied About Rescue Of Abducted School Girls

Borno Government Officials And Principal Say Military Lied About Rescue Of Abducted School Girls

The claim by military officials in Abuja on Wednesday that 107 abducted girls of Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) Chibok were freed is a huge lie, Borno  government officials, the management of the school and residents have said. 
The Principal of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Asabe Kwambura, told PREMIUM TIMES Thursday morning that the military’s claim was false. 
“There is nothing in the military statement that is true about our abducted girls,”  Mrs. Kwambura said. “Up till now we are still waiting and praying for the safe return of the students; all I know is that we have only 14 of them, and the security people especially the Vigilante and the well meaning volunteers of Gwoza are still out searching for them.”
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She continued,  ”The military people too are in the bush searching. So we have not received any information that they have gotten the students yet. So let it be clear that all the information passed on the media by the military concerning 107 girls is not true.  
“I, as the principal did not tell any body any figure on released students other than what our Governor, His Excellency Kashim Shettima had informed the media.”
The Principal said she was contacted by the military headquarters in Abuja yesterday and some person was asking her to confirm the number of girls released.
 ”I told them that I don’t want to be seen to be contradicting myself on that because what the governor said was what we know about; and I told them there may be additional rescue of the girls, but up to this moment we have not received any of them apart from what we had before,” the principal said.
” What the governor said is still the true picture of the whole issue and that information given by the military is totally wrong.” 
The military spokesperson at the Defence Headquarters, Major General Chris Olukolade, had Wednesday issued a statement  claiming that 107 abducted girls were freed; adding that only eight of the girls were still missing and the military was searching for them. 
He also claimed that a member of the Boko Haram sect that participated in the abduction was also nabbed by the military. 
Borno state Governor, ashim Shettima was also quoted by  the BBC Hausa service this morning faulting the claims of the military.
He  reportedly said, “We have recovered 14 of the girls and we have announced a N50 million reward for any credible information that will help us get our girls released and rejoined with their families.” 
PREMIUM TIMES also enquired from a top official of the Department of State Service (DSS) in Maiduguri who ordinarily should know about the rescue of the girls.
“We have no such information apart from the 14 that escaped; if there is anything like that, no one would want to hide it from the media; may be the military have their own intel on that, which we probably are not aware of for now,” he said. 
Some relatives and parents of the abducted  girls said they were not happy with the way the military “is misleading the world about the innocent girls”. 
A female senior Civil Servant with the Borno state government, who requested not to be named said, “What kind of nonsense is this for God sake? Why are they playing politics with the lives of these innocent girls; I had just called some of my relatives in Chibok and they told me none of the girls had been released apart from the 14 that escaped back to town. We hope the military is not doing some thing funny with this very sensitive issue”.  
When contacted late last night, Mr. Olukolade insisted it was the principal of the school who told the military that only eight girls were now missing.

Nigeria Man Caught In India With Heroin Concealed In Ladies Shoes

Nigeria Man Caught In India With Heroin Concealed In Ladies Shoes

A Nigerian man, Ozioma Kenneth Odeomenan has been arrested in New Delhi India with 330g of heroin worth $120,000 concealed in ladies shoes he was to export to America. 
According to India police report, Ozioma was arrested after an anonymous tip-off they got on the 14th of April that a Nigerian man carrying hard drugs was coming to the Janakpuri metro station. A team of police officers laid a trap and apprehended Ozioma, who was found with 330 grams of heroin cleverly concealed in the specially made cavities in the soles of women’s sandals.
The Nigerian later confessed he was heading to Mahipalpur to courier the drugs to the US.
India Times reports that Ozioma who had his education in South Africa relocated to India in 2009 and ventured into the business of exporting shoes to Nigeria for sale. The business did not yield the returns he expected and so he abandoned it and was introduced to drug trafficking business by another Nigerian identified as Ike

Man Beheads Cousins, Injures Two Others in Akwa Ibom State

Man Beheads Cousins, Injures Two Others in Akwa Ibom State

A 35-year old man, Mr. Uwem Job, on Wednesday, beheaded two of his cousins, Mr. Akaninyene Job, 45; and Ezekiel Job, 36 in Ikot Nkim, Ibesikpo/Asutan Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State. While his two other cousins – Itoro Job and Ekemini Job – narrowly escaped death as Uwem’s machete missed their throats, but cut through their hands. 
According to Akaninyene’s younger brother, Mr. Ekemini Job, around 8.10am that fateful day, Uwem came to their house and told Akaninyene to come with him, saying that he had something to show him (Akaninyene).
He stated that as Akaninyene opened the curtain to see what Uwem had for him, he (Uwem) hit Akaninyene on the neck with a machete and severed his head from the body. 
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Ekemini said:
Uwem came to our house around 8am and asked Akaninyene to open the door and collect something he brought for him. Uwem had a 25-litre keg of fuel in his hand and had hid a machete that he brought with him. 
People who saw Uwem thought the keg contained palm wine. As my brother opened the curtain to see Uwem, he quickly brought out his machete and severed Akaninyene’s head from his body.”
An elder sister to Akaninyene, Mrs. Christian Ekong, said they were at the backyard when the shouts from Ekemini caught their attention.
“Ekemini saw Uwem killing Akaninyene and raised the alarm. As we rushed to the scene of the killing, I saw Uwem spilling the fuel on the flour. He then struck a match. 
I raised the alarm, alerting everybody in the house to run. If not for the quick intervention of the youth of the area, the entire house would have been burnt down,” Ekong said. 
Ezekiel was said to have been killed few minutes after Akaninyene had been beheaded. The distance between where Akaninyene lived and that of Ezekiel was said to be about 20 metres.
An eyewitness, Okon Eyo, told Punch’s correspondent that Ezekiel was just waking up when Uwem called at his home and beheaded him.
He said:
“We heard shouts from Akaninyene compound, but we did not know what had happened. The next moment, we saw Uwem go straight into Ezekiel room, which was next to his (Uwem) and severe Ezekiel’s head. 
Before we knew what had happened, Uwem had fled. We will apprehend him. We believe he is hiding around this area.”
When Punch’s correspondent visited the area, both bodies were laid in front of their houses.
Akaninyene’s younger sister, Mrs. Comfort Okon, told him that the killer of her brother and Ezekiel came back from Lagos about two weeks ago.
“There had never been any quarrel in the family. When my mother was buried on February 22, all the family members, including Uwem, were there. They were the ones who perfected all the burial arrangement, I don’t know why this has happened,” she said.
Bodies of the deceased, Akaninyene and Ezekiel, were later taken to the mortuary in a police van.
Efforts to reach the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Etim dickson, to confirm the story failed as he did not answer calls to his telephone or respond to text messages sent to the phone.